Evening Star

Let the world rock on, its turmoil never ceasing,
If we may have that one bright ray of heaven-inspired light,
If beauty and tranquility our pent-up tears releasing
The everlasting wonder of that first white star of night.

Like a symphony of the masters, timidly transcendent,
In the afterglow of sunset, softly, bravely glowing;
Then, encouraged by increasing darkness, coming forth resplendent,
The benediction of the Lord on all below bestowing.

January 25, 1942


Spirit of America

I am the heart of a nation
Beating strongly and bravely with pride.
I am the spirit of justice
That has wielded influence wide.

I am the love that means sacrifice
In times of peril and strife.
I am the longing for liberty
For which man will lay down his life.

I am the vision of world-wide peace
That lives in the minds and souls
Of those who are fighting for freedom
In a war that extends to the poles.

I am the light that guides them
In a world of darkness and fears.
I am the hope for a better world
That endures throughout the years.

August 23, 1942