Evening Star

Let the world rock on, its turmoil never ceasing,
If we may have that one bright ray of heaven-inspired light,
If beauty and tranquility our pent-up tears releasing
The everlasting wonder of that first white star of night.

Like a symphony of the masters, timidly transcendent,
In the afterglow of sunset, softly, bravely glowing;
Then, encouraged by increasing darkness, coming forth resplendent,
The benediction of the Lord on all below bestowing.

January 25, 1942


Willow Tree

A willow tree against the sky,
Swaying gracefully,
Nodding dreamily,
Possesses beauty not of earth–
Drooping mournfully,
Dancing mirthfully
To unheard music from above.
I gaze prayerfully,
Almost tearfully,
At something meant for wiser eyes–
For who am I–
Mere sinful mortal–
To look on loveliness divine?

June 4, 1939

Housewife’s Lament

Dishes to wash, floors to sweep,
When I would so much rather keep
A rendezvous with an ivy vine
Out in the golden spring sunshine.

Mocking bird on lofty bough
Calls to me–just hear him now!
But here am I, still dusting chairs
And sweeping cobwebs from the stairs.

Oh, to be as free and gay–
‘Specially on an April day–
As a rippling mountain rill
Or the wildflowers on the hill!

May 7, 1939


I sat on my porch this evening,
Weary and worn and old,
Tired of endless bright sunlight,
Longing for winter’s deep cold.

Oh, indolent summer evenings–
How welcome will be autumn’s zest,
With her golden days blue-shadowed
And her cool nights filled with rest!

August 22, 1937


On the top of the hill
A dark cloud lingers–
Sinister, threatening–
Although the sun is still shining.
Slowly but surely,
The huge beast stalks its shining prey.
Suddenly it pounces.
The struggling sun reaches out
Long, slender arms, appealing
To the silent world for aid.
The timid earth cowers,
And for one dramatic moment
The cloud gloats over its conquest.
Then from the shapeless blot
Come two heavy drops.
The waiting leaves quiver with anticipation.
Quickly, with one bright flash,
One peal of thunder, loudly exultant–
The rain falls.
And trembling nature is relieved
To have the tension broken.

July 9, 1937


See the brilliant sword of Morning
Pierce the eastern sky with light,
Charging straight and true and sure
Toward the flying wings of Night.

‘Round and ’round the world they go,
Darkness fleeing, Light pursuing,
As in countless human hearts
Joy and gloom are ever doing.

So when skies are gray with sadness
And grief of earth seems never done,
We pause and wait, for with the Morning
Comes the radiance of the Sun.

August 16, 1942

Breath of Spring

Of what consists the breath of spring?
Of red of breast and gray of wing
And the first notes that the robins sing;
Of faint green tracery of leaves,
Of pale moonlight while the hoot owl grieves,
And the spell that rippling water weaves;
Of scent of roses in the air
And daffodils so debonair,
Of sun-drenched beauty everywhere;
Cold dew where morning glories cling,
The loveliness a shower can bring–
Of such consists the breath of spring.

March 10, 1940