To My Husband

At times you are weary
And heartsick all through
From failures and worries
That life has dealt you.

Just then, may I be
Understanding and strong,
To encourage and comfort,
To teach you a song.

So you are to me
When I am perplexed
And don’t seem to care
What Life hands me next.

Your arms are my home;
Your heart is my shrine.
Let me stay there forever,
Oh, husband of mine.

June 18, 1939


Double Anniversary

The calendar says it has been a decade
Since we four embarked on a sea
That was sorely disturbed by waves of divorce
And where winds of suspicion blew free.

But we were brave sailors and sailed blindly on
In our matrimonial bark,
With faith in each other and trust in the Lord
Under skies that were starless and dark.

And now that we’ve weathered the ten hardest years,
We pause, and in looking ahead,
We can hope that some day they’ll be fifty–
The years we’ve been happily wed.

November 23, 1941

Becca notes: Janette and Ralph eloped on November 22, 1931, one week after their first date.  Another couple eloped along with them, and they were married in a double ceremony.  The other couple later divorced.  Ralph and Janette, however, were married 56 years before Ralph passed away, and they celebrated their fiftieth anniversary in 1981 with a wonderful party of family and friends.

I apologize for the long delay in posting more of Janette’s poems!  I got kind of overwhelmed with pregnancy, holidays, and a full-family bout of bronchitis, but I’m feeling better now and looking forward to sharing more poems while awaiting the birth of Janette’s fifth great-grandchild!

That Wifely Touch

Whenever I call my husband “dear”
To give that personal, intimate touch,
He looks at me questioningly and says,
“How much?”

No matter how sincere I may be
As I gently caress his brow,
He always looks down his nose and says,
“What now?”

August 29, 1937