To My Husband

At times you are weary
And heartsick all through
From failures and worries
That life has dealt you.

Just then, may I be
Understanding and strong,
To encourage and comfort,
To teach you a song.

So you are to me
When I am perplexed
And don’t seem to care
What Life hands me next.

Your arms are my home;
Your heart is my shrine.
Let me stay there forever,
Oh, husband of mine.

June 18, 1939


My Haven

There’s a beautiful room in my head
Where I keep all the nice things you say,
Each wrapped in the tissue of memory
And put securely away.

Then when you speak words in anger,
I close and lock the small door,
And the words leave no more impression
Than one wave on a rocky shore.

January 27, 1940

Remember Mother

Have you always worn a red rose
On your coat or on your dress?
If you have, then you are lucky,
Just how lucky you can’t guess.

For you’ll never know until she’s gone
Just how much she meant to you.
You will never find a love
So unquestioningly true.

Don’t wait until a white rose
You must wear on Mother’s Day.
Show her your appreciation
While on earth God lets her stay.

May 14, 1939

Poor Ladies

There never was a love like mine for you.
I challenge Cleopatra, Josephine, and Helen, too;
They all were handicapped–no wonder they were blue,
Because they never had the love of my own sweet you.

March 20, 1938


Never a hill too high to climb,
Never a road too long,
Never a day that endless looms
If I face it with a song.

Never a pain that’s too severe,
Nothing I cannot mend,
Never a task will I resent,
If I know you are my friend.

Never a cloud to dim my sun,
Though it hide heaven above,
Never a blast can chill my heart
As long as I have your love.

February 27, 1938

The Baby

What is our baby? A gift of God
To be cherished and trained and adored–
New feet to walk where old ones have trod–
The lost youth of his parents, restored.

A pink and white angel with eyes of blue,
Bundle from heaven, sweet as a rose,
Precious elf with a smile that’s new
And the tiniest, saucy round nose.

I’ll hold him and love him and watch him grow–
He’s a baby for such a short span.
It’s a law of nature, as well we know,
That our baby will soon be a man.

April 20, 1944

Becca notes: Janette’s baby turns 71 today!  Happy birthday, Dad!

Double Anniversary

The calendar says it has been a decade
Since we four embarked on a sea
That was sorely disturbed by waves of divorce
And where winds of suspicion blew free.

But we were brave sailors and sailed blindly on
In our matrimonial bark,
With faith in each other and trust in the Lord
Under skies that were starless and dark.

And now that we’ve weathered the ten hardest years,
We pause, and in looking ahead,
We can hope that some day they’ll be fifty–
The years we’ve been happily wed.

November 23, 1941

Becca notes: Janette and Ralph eloped on November 22, 1931, one week after their first date.  Another couple eloped along with them, and they were married in a double ceremony.  The other couple later divorced.  Ralph and Janette, however, were married 56 years before Ralph passed away, and they celebrated their fiftieth anniversary in 1981 with a wonderful party of family and friends.

I apologize for the long delay in posting more of Janette’s poems!  I got kind of overwhelmed with pregnancy, holidays, and a full-family bout of bronchitis, but I’m feeling better now and looking forward to sharing more poems while awaiting the birth of Janette’s fifth great-grandchild!