Never a hill too high to climb,
Never a road too long,
Never a day that endless looms
If I face it with a song.

Never a pain that’s too severe,
Nothing I cannot mend,
Never a task will I resent,
If I know you are my friend.

Never a cloud to dim my sun,
Though it hide heaven above,
Never a blast can chill my heart
As long as I have your love.

February 27, 1938


Lost Friend

Perhaps I have seen you in some busy street
And, in passing, brushed your elbow–
And you are the friend I have wanted to meet
Whom now I shall never know.

Regrettable, surely, that we lost so much
That we never actually had;
For I could have helped you with one subtle touch,
And your smile could have made me glad.

September 29, 1940