To My Husband

At times you are weary
And heartsick all through
From failures and worries
That life has dealt you.

Just then, may I be
Understanding and strong,
To encourage and comfort,
To teach you a song.

So you are to me
When I am perplexed
And don’t seem to care
What Life hands me next.

Your arms are my home;
Your heart is my shrine.
Let me stay there forever,
Oh, husband of mine.

June 18, 1939


Willow Tree

A willow tree against the sky,
Swaying gracefully,
Nodding dreamily,
Possesses beauty not of earth–
Drooping mournfully,
Dancing mirthfully
To unheard music from above.
I gaze prayerfully,
Almost tearfully,
At something meant for wiser eyes–
For who am I–
Mere sinful mortal–
To look on loveliness divine?

June 4, 1939

Mona Lisa

Oh, lovely lady on the wall,
When great Da Vinci painted you
He must have known you would enthrall
A waiting world, its faith renew.

Your smile, your eyes, your gentle hands
Attract my glance when I am near.
Your soul looks out and understands
My every hope, my every fear.

Though I might wander far and wide,
From Texas to the tower of Pisa,
Still I’ll return to live beside
My friend, the Mona Lisa.

March 27, 1938

Cure for Insomnia

Some night perhaps you’ll find
Your eyes won’t close in sleep.
Here is one thing you can do
Instead of counting sheep:

Just make a mental list
Of things you like the best–
A kitten’s fur, Brahm’s “Lullaby”,
Spring wind on some hill’s crest;

Yellow butter, freshly churned,
Love story on a rainy day,
Red roses, and a robin’s song,
Remembered scent of clover hay.

Your little list will grow and grow–
And here I give you warning–
Before you know you’ve slept at all,
You’ll wake to find it morning.

February 18, 1940


This tip is shared at Works-for-Me Wednesday.