About this site

Hello!  I’m Becca Stallings, Janette’s granddaughter.  When I cleaned out my bookcases in 2013, I came upon the little booklet of her poems that my father printed shortly after she died, and as I read them again I thought: Janmother read these poems on the radio and got them printed in the newspaper.  If she were still alive, would she be posting them on the Internet?  I asked the rest of the family, and nobody objected, so I set up this site.

I write The Earthling’s Handbook, a guide to how to live on Earth which also includes some of my experiences as an Earthling.  Here is an article I wrote about Janmother and what her life has come to mean to me.  My life is very different from hers in some ways, yet some of the experiences captured in her poems are extremely familiar to me.  She had a knack for noticing the sparkle in an ordinary scene or moment.  Decades later, those sparkles still shine through her words, and they remind me to keep my eyes and mind and heart open to the wonders of our world today.

I hope you will love these poems, too!

I can be reached at becca [at] earthlingshandbook [dot] org.


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