To My Husband

At times you are weary
And heartsick all through
From failures and worries
That life has dealt you.

Just then, may I be
Understanding and strong,
To encourage and comfort,
To teach you a song.

So you are to me
When I am perplexed
And don’t seem to care
What Life hands me next.

Your arms are my home;
Your heart is my shrine.
Let me stay there forever,
Oh, husband of mine.

June 18, 1939


Busy Day

All day I hoe or dig or rake
Or sweep or dust or sew
Or wash my clothes or iron or bake
Or watch the garden grow,

Until by night I realize
That work, although required,
Must be a blessing in disguise:
I’m so pleasurably tired.

June 9, 1940

Willow Tree

A willow tree against the sky,
Swaying gracefully,
Nodding dreamily,
Possesses beauty not of earth–
Drooping mournfully,
Dancing mirthfully
To unheard music from above.
I gaze prayerfully,
Almost tearfully,
At something meant for wiser eyes–
For who am I–
Mere sinful mortal–
To look on loveliness divine?

June 4, 1939