My Haven

There’s a beautiful room in my head
Where I keep all the nice things you say,
Each wrapped in the tissue of memory
And put securely away.

Then when you speak words in anger,
I close and lock the small door,
And the words leave no more impression
Than one wave on a rocky shore.

January 27, 1940


Remember Mother

Have you always worn a red rose
On your coat or on your dress?
If you have, then you are lucky,
Just how lucky you can’t guess.

For you’ll never know until she’s gone
Just how much she meant to you.
You will never find a love
So unquestioningly true.

Don’t wait until a white rose
You must wear on Mother’s Day.
Show her your appreciation
While on earth God lets her stay.

May 14, 1939

Housewife’s Lament

Dishes to wash, floors to sweep,
When I would so much rather keep
A rendezvous with an ivy vine
Out in the golden spring sunshine.

Mocking bird on lofty bough
Calls to me–just hear him now!
But here am I, still dusting chairs
And sweeping cobwebs from the stairs.

Oh, to be as free and gay–
‘Specially on an April day–
As a rippling mountain rill
Or the wildflowers on the hill!

May 7, 1939