After the Storm

Oh, God and I had fun last night!
We had fireworks galore,
And every time I struck a match,
He made the heavens roar.

He had me leave my work and come
And sit out by the door,
And then He lit His largest bomb
And threw it on heaven’s floor.

The flash of lightning was so clear–
And oh! The noise it made!
“Oh Lord,” said I, “that one was near!”
He laughed and said, “Afraid?”

May 23, 1937


Windows at Night

I like to go walking at night
When lights are beginning to glow
In windows of all the small houses
Or large ones, wherever I go.

But I do hate to see shades pulled,
As if there were something to hide.
I like to see lamps, chairs, and people
And happiness on the inside.

For lighted windows are friendly
But shaded ones turn you away,
Closing their eyes to their neighbors
And the lovely departing day.

So if you think I might pass
Your house some summer night,
Leave your shade up and be friendly
When you turn on your light.

April 30, 1939


On the top of the hill
A dark cloud lingers–
Sinister, threatening–
Although the sun is still shining.
Slowly but surely,
The huge beast stalks its shining prey.
Suddenly it pounces.
The struggling sun reaches out
Long, slender arms, appealing
To the silent world for aid.
The timid earth cowers,
And for one dramatic moment
The cloud gloats over its conquest.
Then from the shapeless blot
Come two heavy drops.
The waiting leaves quiver with anticipation.
Quickly, with one bright flash,
One peal of thunder, loudly exultant–
The rain falls.
And trembling nature is relieved
To have the tension broken.

July 9, 1937

Spirit of America

I am the heart of a nation
Beating strongly and bravely with pride.
I am the spirit of justice
That has wielded influence wide.

I am the love that means sacrifice
In times of peril and strife.
I am the longing for liberty
For which man will lay down his life.

I am the vision of world-wide peace
That lives in the minds and souls
Of those who are fighting for freedom
In a war that extends to the poles.

I am the light that guides them
In a world of darkness and fears.
I am the hope for a better world
That endures throughout the years.

August 23, 1942