Have you sat in a car on a Saturday night
Parked on some main street
And watched the ceaseless, endless procession
Of the many kinds of feet?

Light feet, gay feet, and some that are sad,
Old feet that slowly plod,
Young feet, bare feet, feet that have been far,
And feet expensively shod.

Handsome feet, ugly feet, eager, and tired,
Feet that are down at the heels;
Watch all the feet, and somehow you can tell
What each owner of them feels.

May 30, 1937


That Wifely Touch

Whenever I call my husband “dear”
To give that personal, intimate touch,
He looks at me questioningly and says,
“How much?”

No matter how sincere I may be
As I gently caress his brow,
He always looks down his nose and says,
“What now?”

August 29, 1937

Little Girls

Whenever God sees little girls
With happy faces, flying curls,
Hearts and feet dancing so madly,
Greeting spring or winter gladly,
Cheering for others’ weary miles–
Don’t you suppose God smiles
And makes more little girls?

May 16, 1937

My Mom

A healing balm for every ill had she,
From measles to a childishly skinned knee,
A never-failing source of sympathy.
She never seemed to tire of my society
Whether happy or bowed down by misery.
Her tenderness, as boundless as the sea,
Will live forever in my memory.
If I should ever raise a family,
I know that I will strive to be
As grand to them as my mom is to me.

May 11, 1941