Hitch Hikers

They stood on the corner and waited long,
Forlorn, unwanted, amid the throng
Of automobiles that passed them by
Nor heeded the glance of their watchful eye.
They hail the driver of each car that comes
With lifted arms and extended thumbs,
But no one offers the longed-for ride
Because of fear or wealth or pride.
Their plight can be likened, I think, somehow,
To the businessman who furrows his brow
Nor gets anywhere in this whole world wide
Till someone more fortunate offers a ride.

August 1, 1937


Clouds Hide the Moon

My nights with you were bright and fair,
Smoothly flowing as a tune;
But now I turn, and you’re not there,
For now clouds hide the moon.

Clouds hide the moon, and I am blue;
The nights are dark and drear;
But you’ll return, and when you do,
You’ll find me waiting here.

First moon, then clouds, tonight hold sway,
Like my life with you, my dear–
The dim, sad times when you’re away,
The bright ones when you’re near.

April 16, 1939


See the brilliant sword of Morning
Pierce the eastern sky with light,
Charging straight and true and sure
Toward the flying wings of Night.

‘Round and ’round the world they go,
Darkness fleeing, Light pursuing,
As in countless human hearts
Joy and gloom are ever doing.

So when skies are gray with sadness
And grief of earth seems never done,
We pause and wait, for with the Morning
Comes the radiance of the Sun.

August 16, 1942

Lost Friend

Perhaps I have seen you in some busy street
And, in passing, brushed your elbow–
And you are the friend I have wanted to meet
Whom now I shall never know.

Regrettable, surely, that we lost so much
That we never actually had;
For I could have helped you with one subtle touch,
And your smile could have made me glad.

September 29, 1940